About Hovione Technology

Hovione Technology develops pulmonary delivery technology based on simple, patented, inexpensive dry powder inhalers.
Hovione Group initiated research and development in inhalation drug delivery in the early 1990’s and it has accumulated during the last decades a considerable body of knowledge in the development of inhalation grade APIs, inhalable particles and inhaler device technology.

The first Dry Powder Inhaler was developed by Hovione during the 1990’s, a multi-dose size 4 capsule-based device named as FlowCaps©. It used metallic blades for opening the capsule and a twisting mechanism for individual capsule dosing. FlowCaps was licensed in 2003 to Ranbaxy and launched in India.

In a development for a Japanese Pharmaceutical company, Daiichi-Sankyo, Hovione subsequently developed the TwinCaps device, a single-use disposable inhaler which reached the market in 2010 as the world’s first market approved disposable inhaler for deliver an anti-influenza drug. TwinCaps has remained since then as the world’s largest selling disposable inhaler and market leader in Japan for influenza treatment.

In 2016, Hovione made a strategic decision to spin-off its inhaler technology and intellectual property into Hovione Technology, an independent company fully dedicated to developing and commercializing this technology through partnerships within the pharmaceutical industry, notably licensing of its intellectual property.

Shortly after, Hovione Technology announced a DPI partnership with H&T Presspart on its new capsule-based inhaler, the PowdAir device, where Presspart became the exclusive manufacturer and distributer to meet the growing need for off-the-shelf capsule DPI supply around the world. 

Relying on 20 years of inhaler technology knowledge and marketing experience, Hovione Technology is announcing in 2019 a further expansion of its portfolio and looking out to build additional partnerships to put affordable, world-class products into the hands of all patients suffering from respiratory diseases.

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