Our team

Hovione Technology’s team is an expert in generating innovative ad patented technology and combining ideas into attractive, performant highly manufacturable products that meet patients’ needs.
Peter Villax

Peter Villax is Hovione Technology’s CEO. He joined Hovione in 1982 as a computer programmer and led Hovione’s computerization, then switched to pharmaceutical development in 1990 and soon became interested in in pulmonary delivery. He is an inventor of all generations of Dry Powder Inhalers at Hovione.

His disposable dry-powder inhaler TwinCaps, licensed to Daiichi Sankyo for the delivery of Influenza drug Inavir®, continues to be the only commercial device of its kind in the world, and has helped Daiichi Sankyo become the market leader in influenza products in Japan. He acquired significant experience as an inventor of devices, as a patent holder and as licensor of technology patents. 

Dr João Ventura Fernandes
Director of Technology Development and Licensing

João Ventura Fernandes is Hovione Technology’s Director of Technoloy Development and Licensing. He is a patent holder and has acquired significant experience in product development across various industries, from aerospace to medical device. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a PhD in Engineering Design and Advanced Manufacturing.

He joined Hovione in 2014 and has quickly become a skilled inventor and developer of inhaler technology and a proficient licensor of patents. He has taken a leading role in developing, licensing and marketing the PowdAir capsule-based inhaler and in the expansion and promotion of Hovione Technology’s product portfolio. 

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