From feasibility to commercial manufacturing

Hovione Technology relies in Hovione’s drug product capabilities and our device manufacturing Partners to offer fully integrated manufacturing capabilities from early proof of concept to final commercial supply of an inhaled drug product.
Under a single roof, Hovione and Hovione Technology provide API, formulation and device in a fully integrated development from feasibility to commercial manufacturing.
Inhalation drug product development at Hovione has a strong focus on formulation for Dry Powder Inhalers (DPI), particularly for capsule-based and reservoir-based DPIs. From formulation composition optimization and precision capsule filling with 100% fill weight check, to analytical characterization and scale-up to a commercial scale, Hovione can take the inhaled product from the early proof of concept stages up to a fully developed and scaled process. 

Hovione’s low-shear and high-shear blenders are equipped to perform blend production from very small batches of only a couple grams up to a fully commercial scale on the kilogram range.  On the filling side of the process, Hovione offers from lab-scale weight-based capsule filler equipment suitable to fill 100 capsules per hour to capacitance-based pilot scale equipment filling 3000 capsules per hour with 100% fill weight verification. With a recent investment on a Tekna (MG2) capsule filler,
Hovione now has the capability of going up to 70 000 capsules per hour and assure low volume commercial supply of a capsule-based formulation for DPI.

On the device supply side, Hovione Technology relies in manufacturing Partners for each inhaler of its portfolio. For devices targeting high volumes arising from chronic treatments, Hovione Technology’s devices have a recognized exclusive manufacturing partner experienced in industrializing and supplying GMP devices for clinical and commercial scales.

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