Hovione Technology’s 8Shot™ inhaler chosen as finalist of Medical Design Excellence Award
Hovione Technology announces its new 8Shot DPI has been selected as finalist of the Medical Design Excellence Award
Patent on improved particle size testing method granted to Hovione will impact market
Hovione Technology announces grants for a patent describing an innovative method to improve particle size analysis methods by laser diffraction.
Bilim Pharmaceuticals, H&T Presspart and Hovione Technology unveil collaboration for new asthma product: Ventofor Combi Fix delivered by the PowdAir Plus™ inhaler
Hovione Technology announces collaboration on new asthma product delivered by the PowdAir Plus DPI.
Hovione Technology’s 8Shot™ inhaler for high dose delivery receives the Red Dot Product Design Award
Hovione Technology announces its innovative 8Shot DPI for high dose delivery has received the Red Dot 2020 Product Design Award.
Hovione Technology announces key patent grants for its Large Dose Dry Powder Inhaler
Hovione Technology announces patent grants in key territories of the world for one of its Large Dose dry powder inhaler platforms, the TwinMax DPI.
Hovione Technology completes pilot blister manufacturing for the Papillon DPI
Hovione Technology announces pilot-scale blister manufacturing and filling for its new blister-based dry powder inhaler, the Papillon DPI.
Hovione Technology publishes OnDrugDelivery
Hovione Technology publishes article on trends shaping the development of Dry Powder Inhalers.
Hovione Technology signs collaboration agreement with Kiel University
Hovione Technology enters into a collaboration agreement with Kiel University on high dose dry powder inhalation delivery.
Hovione Technology announces Papillon DPI
Hovione Technology announces acquisition of global rights to new pulmonary inhaler device: the Papillon DPI.
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