Easy-to-use, multi-use capsule DPI.
PowdAir features automatic capsule piercing for maximum ease of use and is fully injection moulded from 4 plastic parts which allows it to achieve high affordability at global scale. PowdAir is available for Licensing and Supply.
PowdAir® is a patented capsule-based dry powder inhaler. It is designed to be extremely simple to use and highly cost-effective. PowdAir is developed for indications where a chronic or a medium-term treatment is needed, such as Asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and other respiratory diseases.
A simple and affordable capsule DPI designed to meet growing needs.

PowdAir is designed to maximize ease of use whilst minimizing production costs. It introduces a patent-granted plastic blade system for automatically piercing the capsule once it is loaded which reduces both operational steps for the patient and device costs, making it highly cost-effective for use in emerging markets where chronic respiratory diseases are on the rise.

The human factors centered design of PowdAir makes it a sleek, portable, robust and attractive device for patients to use. PowdAir is compatible with Size 3 capsule types and provides a clear transparent capsule chamber for visual feedback that the complete dose has been inhaled from the capsule.

In addition to PowdAir device supply, Hovione can provide all formulation development services and capsule filling for the targeted indication. We can conduct fully integrated device and formulation development and optimization. Hovione can provide Generic and Innovator drug developments from proof-of-concept to scale-up and manufacturing of clinical and commercial drug product supply.  


  • Asthma
  • COPD
  • CF
  • Antibiotics for lung infection
  • Analgesic drugs
  • Pulmonary hypertension drugs
Available for Partnering and Supply

  • Multi-use capsule-based dry powder inhaler
  • Patent life up to 2034
  • Easy-to-use: push and load, open and inhale
  • Highly portable and convenient
  • Automatic capsule piercing during loading
  • Operates with Size 3 capsules
  • Transparent capsule chamber for dose feedback to patient
  • Dose up to 50 mg
  • Medium device resistance
  • Fully injection molded from 4 plastic components
  • Color and branding customization available
  • Maximum affordability
  • Available for Licensing, Supply and integrated Formulation-Device development

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Available for off-the-shelf supply in partnership with H&T Presspart
Hovione Technology has partnered to H&T Presspart to meet the growing need for off-the-shelf capsule DPI supply. H&T Presspart brings professional manufacturing capabilities to the table and the possibility to fulfill the market demand for high quality devices at affordable costs.

H&T Presspart is one of the leading suppliers for the respiratory inhalation field, has experience producing high quality products at lean manufacturing costs and is the exclusive worldwide manufacturer and distributer for PowdAir.

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